No Sweeter Paradise

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He was a British convict, framed for murder, sentenced to rot in an Australian prison. She was a highborn lady on her way to a new life. Nathan Kincaid and Lady Mariah Downing were bound for two different worlds...until the winds of fate left them shipwrecked on a tropical island that became their own seductive Eden. Their future was filled with danger and uncertainty; their pasts held secrets neither could face. But as sun-drenched days and star-streaked nights blended together in a delicious haze of pleasure, they surrendered to a love that swept them away to the very shores of paradise!

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No Sweeter Paradise

Author: Penelope Neri

ISBN: 0821740245

ISBN 13: 9780821740248

Publication Date: January 01, 1993

Publisher: Zebra Books

Format: Mass Market Paperback

3.95 of 20

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