Cheer Witches (Short Story)

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Some people think all cheerleaders are witches, which isn't really true. Except at Salem Township Public High School #4 - known to the student body as Witch High.
Regionals are coming, and Cassie wants to win. But not enough to cheat. Magic is strictly forbidden in competition, and by the coach. Still, a little magic seems to be creeping into their routines, and Cassie is worried. She prides herself on using her powers for good, and cheating isn't right.
If she can't find the hidden source of the magic before their next competition, they could be disqualified.
Or worse, in Cassie's mind, they could not be disqualified.
Then even if they win, they lose!

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Cheer Witches (Short Story)

Author: Christina F. York

ISBN 13: 9781465764041

Publication Date: July 09, 2011

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Format: ebook

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